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Technology put to good use – a taste from Trimble Dimensions 2016

Technology put to good use – a taste from Trimble Dimensions 2016

Technology put to good use – a taste from Trimble Dimensions 2016

As a fully owned subsidiary of Trimble, PocketMobile was a given participant at the Trimble Dimensions 2016 User Conference in Las Vegas last week. The focus of the three-days conference was to demonstrate how future technology can easily transform data into intelligent, usable information that improves our business and living conditions. PocketMobile’s Director Fredrik Kågebjer shares below his impressions of the event.

Last week Trimble Dimensions 2016 took place at The Venetian in Las Vegas. The purpose of the event was to promote learning, collaboration and networking with peers among Trimble’s customers, partners and employees. As a first-time visitor to the conference, I was impressed by the breadth of innovations and useful technology that was demonstrated. More than 600 seminars were held over three days, where Trimble’s customers, partners and employees shared their experiences.

Personally, I am sometimes skeptical to new technology – but I love what technology can achieve when it is applied. And at Trimble Dimensions, we demonstrated excellent use of technology innovation.

Here are some of the highlights that I would particularly like to share:

Virtual reality technology with a real use case

ms-hololensThis is a great example where advanced technology can be leveraged for practical good use, rather than merely games or fun. Microsoft HoloLens application for Trimble SketchUp is the first commercially available product with HoloLens. The technology behind Microsoft HoloLens (and other similar solutions) is impressive. But the long-standing question has been: “What is it really good for”?

At the Dimensions conference, Trimble and Microsoft presented an answer. Trimble SketchUp HoloLens provides the opportunity to visualize buildings in 3D before they are built. Read more here about this excellent example of applied technology.

Successfully transforming mobile workforce productivity, by leveraging intelligent planning and scheduling tool

Pon Equipment, the official Caterpillar dealer in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, demonstrated how they successfully leveraged Trimble’s Work Management product to augment their productivity. A step-by-step implementation of Work Management PON achieved:

  • Reduced time between jobs
  • Decreased time spent on reporting
  • Reduced time spent accessing time reports
  • Completely reduced the gap between billable and invoiced hours

PON estimated that the earn-back of the project is about nine months. That’s quite impressive!
Read more about PON / Read more about Work Managment

Real live Crime Scene Investigations

Using geospatial equipment for Crime scene reconstruction shows that (at least some) of what we see on television can be achieved with the right solution from Trimble. In a couple of seminars, experts from police and law enforcement described how they use positioning equipment (R10 GNSS) total stations (S6 Robotic) and laser scanners in their work.


Big machinery can’t go wrong

Finally – thanks to all the people who brought big machines to Dimensions. That adds a dimension in itself.



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