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PocketMobile strengthens organization with new CTO to manage growth

PocketMobile strengthens organization with new CTO to manage growth

PocketMobile strengthens organization with new CTO to manage growth

PocketMobile’s growth ambitions are confirmed by the addition of Rasmus Staberg as CTO. His mission is continuing to build the technical foundation for reaching the next level. With a growing market and expanded customer requirements, he will steer PocketMobile’s technical department with a steady hand.

rasmus-stabergGrowing the company efficiently, while maintaining quality and customer focus, is one of the main objectives for PocketMobile’s new CTO, Rasmus Staberg. As the world is turning digital, more and more companies are looking for the optimal way of arming their workforce with mobile solutions. A natural consequence is the rising demand for mobile workflow solutions. While market size is increasing, customer requirements are also becoming more advanced.

“Mobile workflow customers now want more than a technical solution”, says Rasmus. “Many customers are now asking for an extended scope including services such as consultancy, application maintenance, hosting and best practice process design”.

Starting from a stable base

A key requirement for building a tower is to have a stable foundation. For advanced mobile workflow solutions, enterprise stability, security and scalability are mandatory. PocketMobile’s Precom product is proven in more than 25 countries with customers requiring high security, with more than  150,000 users and 4.5 million transactions hourly.

“PocketMobile has historically taken the right steps to develop a very stable and secure mobile platform,” adds Rasmus. “Now we have a perfect base for fast and innovative creation of new applications.”

Rasmus has a strong background in entrepreneurship, software design and organizational development. He has had roles as CEO, CTO and founder of several growth software companies.

“I was attracted by the growth potentional I see with PocketMobile. Now it’s time to execute,” says Rasmus.

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