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LogiMAT 2017 – a taste of what logistics will offer in the future

Blog post

Logimat 2017, one of Europe’s most important Logistics trade show did send strong signals and gave clear indication on where the future logistics is heading. The whole logistics industry is currently undergoing a mass of changing waves. To fall asleep now can be lethal for a logistics company that is not fast enough to adopt to the new trends.

A Windows Mobile Update

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The Windows Mobile operating system opened a new world to developers of Enterprise Mobility applications, and is still broadly used by many in business. Here’s a rearview mirror of Windows Mobile that also peeks into the future.

If Santa Claus himself could choose… it would be PreCom

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Who wants to see Santa Claus check out due to stress, with lost and stray packages? The situation is serious with the increasing complexity of e-commerce. There are solutions that not only can save Christmas and make children happy, but also give us more.