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LogiMAT 2017 – a taste of what logistics will offer in the future

LogiMAT 2017 – a taste of what logistics will offer in the future

LogiMAT 2017 – a taste of what logistics will offer in the future

Logimat 2017, one of Europe’s most important Logistics trade show sent some strong signals and gave clear indications on where the future of logistics is heading. Over 45,000 people and 1300 exhibitors came together for the March 14-16 meeting at Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre in Germany.  The large number of participants, growing by 5% a year, bore witness to the high interest and need for innovations within this Industry. Digitalization, connection and innovation were highlighted themes.

Why do people still go to trade shows, when we already have so much information available on the Internet? The reason is that people go there to meet with other people. Not to retrieve information. The conversations, look & feel, taste and networking offer unbeatable inspiration, learning and creative thinking. All this was also true of our participation at Logimat 2017.

An industry in change

Some of the important background drivers for innovative logistics – the booming e-commerce, omni-channel possibilities, new technology and global competition from new entrees – are creating a need for rationalization, continued process optimization, cost-reductions and new services. The whole logistics industry is currently undergoing a massive change. Falling asleep now could be lethal for a logistics company that is not fast enough to adopt to the new trends.

Industry 4.0, IOT and Augmented Reality

Many technologies that we only saw in futuristic James Bond movies are now shown in practical industrial use. There are real example of Industry 4.0 applications and Internet of Things logistics tools. Augmented Reality is use to help warehouse workers carry out their picking lists more rapidly. Process automation is going several steps further, with automation of processes that we didn’t suspect was possible before. Tracking granularity is increasing substantially. We now want to know where the package is at this specific moment. Increased usage of smart robots, sensors and RFID are clear trends.

Intelligent mobile workflows in the Last Mile delivery

PocketMobile participated as a partner to the leading device manufacture Zebra Technologies. In our stand, customers, partners and other interested visitors could learn about the benefits of using intelligent mobile workflows in the last mile delivery process. We demonstrated the PreCom Logistics product on Zebra’s TC75 device. It showed how the drivers, the transporter or the delivery staff could use intelligent mobile tools, such as dynamic forms, role-based login, maps and consignment details, to improve quality, execution speed and accuracy in the delivery process.

PocketMobile’s Key theme was: “Optimize Customer Experience in Last Mile Delivery”. It creates opportunities for logistics companies to leverage the mobile workflow tool to improve customer experience. This allows them to take the role as the central player that stitches the customer journey together. Other important discussions were topics such as: “How to offer and deliver in precise delivery windows” and “Boost revenue by adding value added services”.

Slideshow and video

Click here to view the Pocketmobile slideshow presentation from our stand at the fair, and by all means have a look at this short video from Logimat: