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What Walmart eCommerce Offers to Compete with Amazon.com

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If you’re in eCommerce, there’s a small chance that you’ve missed the battle of the behemoths – Amazon and Walmart. Both eCommerce giants have been rampantly buying smaller organizations off late, trying to fortify their retail offerings and infrastructure…

Ways To Recruit And Retain Drivers In The Logistics Industry

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According to logistics industry experts, there will be a substantial increase in the salary of drivers in the near future pertinent to the efforts being made for the recruitment and retention of drivers. The recent scarcity of drivers has forced a number of logistical businesses to review employee benefits offered to drivers in order to keep up with the competition…

Winners of the FTA Award 2018

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PocketMobile congratulates some of the most successful logistics companies in UK for the 2018 FTA Logistics Awards

How to Master Customer Experience in Last Mile Delivery?

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Groundbreaking concepts and advances in retail technology along with last mile delivery has grabbed the attention of the largest online retailers. Success at last mile delivery is the ultimate way for consumers to see the efforts of supply chain professionals…