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Report from the Brisbane Truck Show

Blog post

PocketMobile together with Trimble participated the Brisbane Truck Show May 16-19. The event was very successful and we will be coming back. PocketMobile’s message around PreCom was as part of the broader Trimble offering as the mobility front end for drivers to manage their stops, track their consignments as well as digital FFD and Vehicle inspections.

Join our webinar and learn about key elements and use-cases for a positive customer experience

Blog post

WEBINAR – Are you working in logistics or retail and what to improve Customer Experience? Join our webinar to learn how you can boost Customer Experience in last mile logistics. PocketMobile, Honeywell and Trimble Maps will share their research and experience. Among many things, you will learn about the impact of Customer Experience, example of use-cases and what you can do to make your customers happy.

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction During Service Delivery

Blog post

According to a survey 80% of companies maintained that they extend “superior” customer service, but only a dismal 8% of their customers agreed with that estimation. We take a closer look at effective methods businesses can employ to determine consumer satisfaction levels along with various touch points in their customer journey and build a smoother experience for their customers.

Customer Experience Management in E-Commerce Deliveries

Blog post

With increasing competition in every retail section, the success of a company boils down largely to customer satisfaction. Customer Experience Management is driven by a company’s need for differentiation, improved market performance and better financial performance.

Help! They are Coming Back! The Massive Volumes of Returns After the Holidays

Blog post

An overwhelming amount of holiday purchase returns are becoming a serious problem for the retail industry. Holiday returns can severely impair your profits, if not understood and dealt with. This article delves into the details of the holiday returns problem and what you should focus on to fix it.