PreCom – a mobility solution optimized for transportation, logistics & postal services




Mobility solution optimized for
transportation, logistics & postal services

Our PreCom software platform is a powerful and adapted mobility solution that has been optimized to meet the high requirements for mobility, service levels and usability that characterize the transportation & logistics industry. With PreCom, you get flexible and future-proof mobile IT support that can be integrated with all kinds of backend systems.

PreCom provides functionality that supports both fixed routes and ad hoc events. The same solution works on rugged PDAs and commercial smartphones.

In case of new contracts or tasks, you can quickly and easily modify or develop the application further, without any need for programming, with full control of different roles, users and connections to backend systems. You can easily add new functionality while the system is in use. You can respond quickly to your customers’ new and increasing requirements and take advantage of new opportunities in your business operations.

Your mobile workforce gets a user-friendly mobile support system that lets them handle their tasks with ease, regardless of which mobile device they use. There are many advantages: increased efficiency, greater flexibility, easier reporting, smoother management of waybills and time reports, scanning and signatures, navigation support and documentation, and full traceability of deliveries. Your customers receive the service level they expect, and your employees receive a tool that facilitates their work. 



”In addition to reducing the complexity of our IT integrations, the new solution from PocketMobile will create more efficient package-handling at our agents, while meeting the increasing security requirements within e-commerce.”

- Peter Johansson, Programs och IT Product Manager, IS Demands, DHL Freight AB



Case studies

Standardized and customized – at the same time

PreCom brings you the best of two worlds, in a three-part model that combines standardization with flexibility. The basis is a standard platform and an extensive range of standardized modules, which provides many advantages in implementation and management. 



We then customize the system to suit your business and support your working methods and work procedures. Our modules can easily be customized or developed further, which means you get a system that can grow and evolve in pace with new requirements and working methods.  This benefits your business and provides cost control, flexibility and, most importantly, future-proof mobile IT support.


The clearest proof of what PreCom can do comes from our customers. These are true stories that involve requirements and industry-specific adaptations.