PreCom – mobile operational support for field services




Mobile operational support for
field services

Our PreCom software platform is a powerful and customized mobility solution that is optimized for the specific challenges faced by field services and inspection companies. PreCom provides you with an overview of a fragmented and complex business, and can plan, optimize and use your personnel’s time and skills in an efficient manner. Features such as real-time reporting and access to up-to-date information make fieldwork easier and more efficient.

PreCom supports strict SLAs and service requirements and business-critical work procedures with high requirements for usability and communication with a variety of backend systems. It is a flexible system solution that can be easily adapted in a smooth manner to meet new requirements and working methods. Future-proof mobile IT support is key to efficiency, customer services and competitiveness.

Your mobile workforce get a mobile system that is easy to use and communicates directly with your ERP system, regardless of which mobile devices they use. Just to mention a few of the many advantages: easy and flexible reporting from the field despite complex reporting requirements, coordination and on-site updating of information, increased efficiency that enables more visits per technician, real-time invoicing and team work features.



”PreCom is a future-proof mobility platform that allows us to manage our user groups’ varying needs without unreasonable development costs.”
- Åse Petersén, Head of IT, ONE Nordic AB.


Case studies

Standardized and customized – at the same time

PreCom brings you the best of two worlds, in a three-part model that combines standardization with flexibility. The basis is a standard platform and an extensive range of standardized modules, which provides many advantages in the implementation and management.



We then customize the system to suit your business and support your working methods and work procedures. Our modules can easily be customized or developed further which means you get a system that can grow and evolve in pace with new requirements and working methods.  This will benefit your business and provide cost control, flexibility and, most importantly, future-proof mobile IT support.


The clearest proof of what PreCom can do comes from our customers. These are true stories that involve requirements and industry-specific adaptations.